Sneak Peak - SCPG: Ultimate Shootout 9 - La Glam Bam!

Hot!!!  How else could I describe US9?!  The venue, the models, the hair & makeup, the photographers, everyone worked it and it definitely shows.
The theme for this Ultimate Shootout was European Sultry and Urban Lifestyle.  It was held in Downtown San Diego's La Gran Tapa.  La Gran Tapa provided a great space to shoot - mirrors, a bar, awesome couches, an alley, and even a bathroom to shoot in (see the picture below for the bathroom comment).

Model: Keith Antonio

Video - San Diego SmugMug - Trash the Dress

Here's a fun and refreshing way to have your photos shown.  Check out the newest slideshow featuring last November's San Diego SmugMug's Trash the Dress!  Enjoy.

How Photography Connects Us

Photography is an awesome tool to document your world.  It's there to capture your baby's birth, your achievements, your adventures, and your LIFE.  Every click of the shutter stops time that allows you relive that moment and tell the story to another.  Check out this TED video that tells, "How Photography Connects Us?"  Enjoy!

A Visual Life - Some thought on Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. Inspiration can come from a feeling, a smell, your surroundings, a thought, an action, a reaction.

Inspiration also comes at different times - when you are busy, when you working, when you are relax, whenever....

Inspiration can also hide from you. When you search for it, it doesn't show, it doesn't want to be found. Finding inspiration sometimes can just be a frustrating journey of nothingness and feeling of lost.

The most important thing to understand about inspiration is that it is there and that the best happen when you least expect it. So don't stop if it doesn't come just continue the pace of life and see what develops. Just let it happen!

As photographers, live a visual life.

Slideshow - Katie + Danny - A Love for Always

Last November, I had the pleasure to shoot an engagement session for a fun, sweet, and amazing couple.  Katie & Danny came down to San Diego to shoot there engagement photos.
It was an afternoon session in Balboa Park and ended with a sunset & night session in Coronado.  Watch their photo slideshow of their session with Oliver Henry Photography!  Enjoy!