A Weekend Engagement - Rachel & Jay - Part 1

Life is an adventure!  It's fun, its sunny, and just plain lovely!  It is those adventures that we embark on that makes life fun.  For Rachel and Jay, I wanted to give them a engagement session that was fun and joyous like the both of them.
The day's adventure starts off with wonderful picnic just outside Santa Ysabel.  The weather was clear, sunny, and warm, a lovely day for a picnic.  Rachel and Jay packed an amazing assortment of cheeses, fruits, and sandwiches for their lunch in the countryside.  It was the perfect picnic, that reminded me of the days that people took the time to simply enjoy the day and the countryside. So enjoy the first part of their Weekend engagement adventure.

Peace & Quiet

There are days where you just need to get away. Have an escape from the daily grind and noise in life. Where do you go for such an escape you may ask? For you it maybe your backyard but for me it is a quiet and quaint coffee shop called Espresso Mio, in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego.

Things I Love - Instagram

The ability to take, capture, and share photos is what makes photography fun.  One of my favorite ways to do photography is with my iPhone.  The iPhone has introduced a way for many people to share photographs instantly and to a wide audience.

A Coronado Maternity - Carmen + Eric + Jr.

On a beautiful and warm San Diego afternoon, I had the great pleasure to photograph for Carmen, Eric, & Junior.  It was a complete treat to photograph for them.  Carmen did her homework, researching poses and getting ideas for the shoot.  Eric was just fun, relax, and just enjoyed.  And Junior was awesome! It was great getting to know them during the shoot.  Carmen and Eric will be great parents.  I'm just happy to have had the opportunity to photograph for them during a special time.  Congratulations to you both!  :)

Check out their shoot with the following video.  And view some of their pictures (after the jump).

Sneak Peak - Maternity Shoot - Carmen + Eric + Junior

Having your first child is a time filled with lots of love and excitement.  These are one of those times in life that things change on a daily and weekly basis.  I had a wonderful opportunity to help capture one of those moments for Carmen, Eric, and Junior.  Carmen and Eric where wonderful and fun to photograph.  It was great to find that Carmen did some homework with poses and how she wanted her and Eric's photographs to turn out.  Their session was a great beautiful afternoon at the beach in Coronado.  Here's a sneak peak at one of the photos from their day.

Sneak Peak - Amber + Hiep

Here's a quick sneak peak from Amber and Hiep's wonderful wedding.  Their home wedding was simply beautiful, personal, and full of love.  It was a pleasure to photograph for such wonderful people.  Everything about their wedding was done with love and help from friends and family.  Congratulations to the both of you.  Enjoy your honeymoon!  :)