Sharing your Photography - Empowering Youth at HOBY!!!

As a photographer you have a great opportunity to share your craft with others.  One of the best ways is to give back to organizations that you support and believe in.  I recently had such an opportunity.

@hobycalcentral - get in the game #HOBY #HOBYmovement

A Torrey Pines Photowalk w/ San Diego SmugMug

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my fellow photographer buddies, Greg & Michelle, at Torrey Pines State Park to do a San Diego SmugMug photowalk.  It was a great afternoon of taking pictures, sharing photography stories, tips, and techniques.


My Quick Guide to Twitter

Social media is one of those things that everyone seems to be talking about.  From the local stores, photographers, to the White House.  Social media is everywhere. One of the biggest names in social media is Twitter.
What is twitter you might ask?  Twitter is a platform for you to update or share statuses, thoughts, articles, pictures, ask questions, etc to the world in 140 characters or less.  It has become one of the best ways for people to communicate with one another.

Playing the DS

I took a Vacation to Austin, Texas! - San Diego to Tucson (Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I took a roadtrip / vacation to Austin, TX.  It's took 2 days, 1300 miles, hours of music, and 100s of iPhone photos (taken while driving).  We where heading to Austin, Texas because my sister was moving there to start a new job.   The trip took my family and myself through the American Southwest.

San Diego, CA to Tuson, AZ

Starting in San Diego, we followed Interstate 8 to Arizona.  Driving along the San Diego portion my family and I have done it many times in the 15+ years that we have lived in San Diego.  It's our way we head out to our local mountain, search for snow, or just head out for a fun evening at a local Indian casino.

Wind Turbines in East County San Diego.

Maddox - Turner Family Pictures

One of the best parts about being a photographer is capturing special times for friends and family.  I've been blessed to have friends that have entrusted me to photograph their family portraits for them.  One of those friends is Tai Maddox!

I've known Tai since high school.  She was my English Class and Track and Field buddy.  After high school, I would see Tai here and there since she worked at the bank where I would cash my paycheck from  my day job as an engineer.  But luckily there was Facebook!

Facebook gave me the ability to find friends that I've had in High School and keep in touch with them.  It was via Facebook that Tai contacted me to ask to take pictures for her and her husband for their 1 year anniversary.  However to due to some circumstances our original plan didn't work out.  So the photoshoot was put on hold.

Which then brings us to the present.  Tai contacted again me to take pictures for her and her growing family, as well as her parents, and her brother's family.  It was a great pleasure to meet such a loving family and it was honor to take some photographs for them.  Are are some of their pictures from their session.  Please enjoy!

Thank you to the Maddox and Turner Families!  You guys are absolutely amazing!  :)