Sneak Peak - SCPG: Ultimate Shootout 8 - US8 Magazine

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I couldn't resist making a GQ inspired for the Ultimate Shootout 8 since the theme of this shoot was "Commerical."

SCPG - Ultimate Shootout 7 - Salton Sea Shoot (Part 2)

Here's the final part from the early December SCPG Ultimate Shootout 7 (US7) out at the Salton Sea.  Seriously it was worth the the 2 hour drive from San Diego.
US7 was a great not just because of it's location but also because of the talented passionate people that I got a chance to work it.  The Glam Squad - Britney, Keith, Veronica, & Mariah did such a great job on the models!  The Models where amazing - Michelle, Jose, Justyn, Niki, Esmi, Aly, Victoria, and others where just a pleasure to work with and photograph.  And lastly the photographers, all of them where great to watch, learn, joke around with, and hang out with.
So check out the following slideshow to see the excitement that comes these shoots.  Enjoy! :)

To view the complete set of pics from the shoot: Click Here
Look under FASHION.

Sneak Peak - Jamie + Victor - Balboa Romance

After a week filled with rain, storms, and craziness of the holidays it was pleasure to get away for a time to photograph one of my best couples.  Jamie and Victor where so much fun to work with during there late evening shoot in Balboa Park.  Balboa Park at this time of night can be a scary place but Jamie & Victor made it such a romantic and fun night of shooting.  It was so much fun that we lost track of time and by the time we knew it was past midnight.
In addition to working with Jamie and Victor, I had a great pleasure to work with Jamie's sister, Janelle and her boyfriend John.  They help make the shoot happen with Janelle and John watching out for the details and holding camera and lighting equipment for me when I needed.
Thank you guys for such a great evening of shooting.  I can't wait to work you guys again.  :)

Here's a sneak preview image from their shoot!

Sneak Peak - SCPG: Ultimate Shootout 8

Just another amazing shoot put together by the Socal Photographer's Group. Here's a sneak peak from today's shoot.

Models: Josh Noblejas, Lila Romero, Jose Farias
Hair & Make Up: Veronica Deleno & Keith Antonio

Trash the Dress (Part 2) - What's Trash the Dress?!

Wait, what?!  Trash Wedding Dress?!  Oh NO!  But, Oh YES!  In November I had an opportunity to "Trash" some wedding dresses.  To "Trash the Dress" is not simply just to rip dresses apart but to artistically and dramatically use Wedding Dresses in ways that you wouldn't during your wedding day.  Check out the pictures below after the Jump.

Sneak Peak - SCPG: Ultimate Shootout 7 - Salton Sea (Part 1)

One of the first set of photos from the Ultimate Shootout 7.

San Diego SmugMug - Trash The Dress - Part 1

Here's the first set of photos from the SD SmugMug Trash The Dress Session featuring Kim.  Kim was great to work with it and photograph.  Thank you Kim, you totally rocked the shoot! :)

Premier Catering - Project Concern International - 50th Anniversary Celebration

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to photograph for Premier Catering for their hosting of Project International's 50th Anniversary.  This was the second year in the row that I photographed this event for Premier.  It was Premier and my friend Michelle that gave me the opportunity to practice, learn, and grow in photography.  For that I am forever grateful to them.

Client: Premier Food Services

Sneak Peak - SCPG: Ultimate Shootout 7 - Salton City

Coordinators: Socal Photography Group
Location: Bombay Beach, CA
Models: Jose Farias & Justyn Giachetti
Glam Hair & Makeup Squad: Brittany Grace, Maria Wright, Keith Antonio, Veronica Deleon, Ashley Abbott

Here is a sneak peak from the Socal Photography Group's 7th Ultimate Shootout at the Salton Sea.  This was a great one to attend.  So many great people to hang out with and learn from.  The concept of this shoot was Post- Apocalyptic Fashion / Glam... Mad Max Style.

Oliver Henry Photography - New Things on the Horizon!

Hey Guys!  I wanted to give you a update with what's going on with Oliver Henry Photography.  As you've notice there have been a lot of post being put up lately from workshops, trips, and shoots.  I hope you have enjoy seeing the photography.
Photography is a PASSION and LOVE, where the journey is the best part.  On this journey I've learn the ups and downs of running a photography business.  Here's a few things I've learned:

Sneak Peak - Katie & Danny - Engaged and In Love!

Here's a quick sneak peak from yesterday's Engagement Session with Katie & Danny!  Here's to great company and great times!  Congratulations guys!

Sneak Peak - San Diego Photog Shootout - Tim Burton inspired Dia De Los Muertos

Model: Diana Doody Girgis
Stylist: Elaine Mendoza Ramirez
Hair: Linsey the Stylist (
Make up: Jules Hertzog
Venue: Estate Weddings and Events (

Part of being a photographer is attending workshops and learning new techiques.  Constant practice and experimentation is part of life for us.  It's the best way that we continue to improve our craft and art.  Last weekend I had the great pleasure to attend a photography workshop hosted by the San Diego Photog Shootout Group.  The workshop pulled out all of the strings - getting a awesome venue, models, stylist, make-up artist, hair styist, and great photographer mentors.  Here is a sneak peak of one of the shots from the shoot.

A Look Back - Tammy - Baby Portraits

When we aren't shooting Weddings or Events, we also love to take portraits!  Here's a set of photos that I took of my friend's niece, Tammy.  She was a cute and adorable to shoot.  Babies can be a challenge to shoot but she was awesome to photograph.  Tammy always smiled and loved the camera!

A Look Back - Mary & Andrew

Over the next couple of post I will share some the past weddings, events, and portrait sessions that we've since we started our photography business.  Let's begin with Mary & Andrew.

I help shoot this wedding a little under a year ago with my friend and fellow photographer, Rowell of PhotosbyRowell.  It was great to work with him to capture this beautiful wedding for Mary and Andrew.  The ceremony and reception took place at the El Cortez in Downtown San Diego to help convey their Classic Hollywood wedding!

A Look Back - The First Oliver Henry Wedding - Triana & Eric

Triana and Eric was our first wedding that Henry and I shot together.  The wedding took place at Our Lady - Mt. Carmel Church and the Reception took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego.

A Look Back - My First Wedding - Ana & Eric

Over the next couple of post I will share some the past weddings, events, and portrait sessions that we've done since we started our photography business.  Let's begin with Ana & Eric!

Ana and Eric was the very first wedding I shot. Man, was I nervous that day because I didn't know what to expect since I haven't really shot a wedding before. But I took the leap of faith and followed my gut and knew if I did that everything will be fine. So let's take a look where it all began.

Wedding Site: Windansea Beach (La Jolla, CA)
Reception: La Jolla, CA

Hello Update

Hello all!
I hope you guys are doing well and that you have enjoyed your summer. Well it's been awhile since I've last given you guys an update on what's going on with Oliver Henry Photography. We are both doing well. It's been a crazy summer of adventures, trips, changes, and work.
On my part, after going camping in San Simeon with friends, I went back to work to finish up my project, then afterwards left for New York City with a college buddy of Henry and I. I gave him the Ollie Tour of New York. You can check out the pics on my flickr site. Then after the trip I got a notice that I will changing departments. So I moved from Construction to Caltrans Design. So I have a desk job now. But before I got settle in, I went on another trip. This time I went to Utah to attend my great friends' wedding in Park City. However taking their advice I turned it into a mini-vacation for myself and visited Moab, Utah to explore Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. So now I'm working on getting all the pictures in order and hopefully soon I will update the website and blog of Oliver Henry Photography, soon. So i've been busy.
On Henry's part, Henry has also been having some great adventures himself. This summer he went on a mulitple day hike in the Sierra Nevadas. As well as move to the East Coast to attend Business school.
But don't worry Henry and I are still working together. It will need some planning on our side but we will do what we have to do to make you guys happy. You guys rock! Thanks for all your support. Check back soon for updates.
Nice to get you guys up to date with what's going on with Oliver Henry Photography. Let us know how we can improve. Thanks - Oliver & Henry.

Disco Divas - Premier Catering Event

Flash back to 1970's, the era of disco music and divas!  Disco Divas was the name of the game for this year's Rady's fundraiser hosted by Premier Catering at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  Having shot this event last year, it was nice to do a repeat shoot for Premier.  This year it was filled with many surprises and guest.  Check out the pictures to find out.

Thanks to Premier for giving me a place to practice my art and craft.  You guys totally rock and I can't thank you enough for all the opportunities that you have given me.  -Oliver

Vacation - Boston - Weekend Getaway

It's time for the Annual Weekend Trip.  This year's weekend trip took me to Boston, Massachusetts.  I went with my good friend and fellow photo buddy Bryan.  It was a nice laid back trip with visits to Harvard Square, MIT, the Samuel Adams Brewery, the Freedom Trail, and other Boston landmarks.  Visiting Boston, I also go a chance to hangout and catch up with my friend Lisa, who I have know since elementary school.  Overall it was just a nice quick weekend trip.  Check out some of the pictures from the trip.

La Jolla Hangout - SmugMug Hangout #2

With another month passing by, I planned another SmugMug San Diego Hangout.  This time I planned one in downtown La Jolla.  It was a great hangout even though only 1 person (and now friend) showed up.  It was just nice to talk and take photography.  Thanks Hollie for hanging out.  I hope you had a blast.  Here are some of my photos.

East County Engagement - Helena & Daniel

This is the second session that I did for Helena & Daniel. With a natural theme still in mind, I decided to take them out for a drive out to San Diego's East County. We drove along the 79 heading towards Julian. I knew that this drive to provide some awesome and inspiring scenery for them to be photographed.

An Outdoor Wedding - Rachelle & Mark

In April, I was a second shooter for my friend Rowell. I helped him shoot a beautiful wedding at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot for Rachelle & Mark. The day was beautiful with blue skies, awesome ocean breezes, and family & friends. Outdoor weddings are definitely one of my favorite wedding to shoot.