Lesson Learn - Sometimes You Just Have to NO.

What may seem like a rant from the title, this post isn't one.  It's a quick reflection to keep tabs on where the photography has taken me since the last time that I posted on the blog.  Since then, I've done several trips and photography gigs, 11 to be exact.  Yes, I just said 11!  Crazy, I know!  I've done everything from families, maternity, new-born, travel, and even a OUTSTANDING youth leadership conference.  Will all of that, work has got more than a little back up.  To my wonderful clients that have supported the business, I really appreciate your understanding and support while I get your photos ready for you.  So during this next week or so, a lot work will get edited, processed, and sent out for delivery.
The lesson to learn from this is - sometimes you just need say NO.  With that said, I'm going to get to working.

All Work and No Play - Photographers Having Fun!

Contrary to what most people think, we photographers don't just wake up one day and say to themselves, "Today i'm going to become a Professional Photographer and have people pay for my photography."  At least for me, that wasn't my path to becoming a wedding, event, and portrait photographer.  Although my path to photography is another story all into itself, so we'll save that for another day.
The point of this story is that being a working photographer is hard work.  We work most weekends doing jobs and during the week we edit, order, deliver, market, meet, study, practice, socialize, travel,...you get the picture (lol, no pun intended).  All of that and more is part of a working photographer's life.
After all the work, what do photographers do to have fun?!  By doing more photography, or course!  For most of us photography started out as a hobby.  It was a hobby where we get to express ourselves, document our lives, and share our vision with the world.  So when we don't work, we do more photography.  We practice the craft, fine tuning our skills, and enjoy the art.
I enjoy exploring my surroundings and environment.  Seeking familiar things and places with a different perspective and angle.  Simply seeing the world up close or far away or simply from a different point of view is an amazing experience.  Here are several different views of downtown San Diego, to show my point.  More after the jump.

Downtown viewed from the North.