Sneak Peak - Family Shoot

It's all about family!  Here's a sneak peak from a family portrait session I did for my high school friend, Tai Maddox and her wonderful and fun family.

What Happens in Vegas...Well Sometimes Doesn't Stay in Vegas

Throwing surprises for family and friends are just awesome and fun. In February I got to surprise a good friend by attending and photographing their wedding. Weeks earlier during one of my gigs my friend Maria ask me if I was free towards the end of February because she wanted me to come to Las Vegas with her to attend and photograph our friends' Sol & Miguel's Wedding. And also I had to keep it a SECRET. A few days later I decided to go and made arrangements to attend.

Sold! - First Commercial Sell of an Image

Recently, I was contacted my an engineering company to purchase prints and website use of my images. Talk about surprise when I got this e-mail and call. Other than being a photographer, I also hold a day job as a engineer for Caltrans (California Department of Transportation). I've been bless to have a job I LOVE and hobby / passion turned business that I equally LOVE. To me it was a great accomplishment to have both passions come together. :)

International Special Events Society - Benefits & Challenges

Last month, I had a the distinct honor to photograph for the San Diego Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES).  The event was held at the San Diego Botanical Garden, to most of you this was formerly known as the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas.  ISES topic of the evening was: Nonprofits- the Benefits and Challenges.  The meeting focus how vendors and planners can work together to help one another out when the event is for a non-profit organization.

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Marinello Beauty School - The Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I got asked by my friend Keifla Antonio, teacher at Marinello Beauty School and owner of If Looks Could Kill Artistry, to help photograph he's student's work as they finish their term at the Marinello Beauty School.  It was a pleasure to work with all of them and photograph their beautiful work.  Each of the students had 3 looks to style from Period looks, Red Carpet, to Rock and Roll.  Check out some of the work in this following video:

The Artist!  :)

Hello from Oliver Henry Photography

Hi everyone!  I hope all is going well with you these days.  I wanted to check in with you guys and let you know how we've been.  There have a been a lot of things going on with life these days.

The day job has been picking up.  I've gotten more projects to work on and that has been keeping me on my feet.  So your tax dollar are working.  However once in awhile I do get an opportunity to get out in the field.  And when I do get out I always a take a camera with me.  Other than weddings and portraits, I also enjoy photographing freeways.  To me its been a blessing to have both engineering and photography come together in such away that allows me to live out both my passions.

Bridge under construction on State Route 905.