Sneak Peak - San Diego Photog Shootout - Tim Burton inspired Dia De Los Muertos

Model: Diana Doody Girgis
Stylist: Elaine Mendoza Ramirez
Hair: Linsey the Stylist (
Make up: Jules Hertzog
Venue: Estate Weddings and Events (

Part of being a photographer is attending workshops and learning new techiques.  Constant practice and experimentation is part of life for us.  It's the best way that we continue to improve our craft and art.  Last weekend I had the great pleasure to attend a photography workshop hosted by the San Diego Photog Shootout Group.  The workshop pulled out all of the strings - getting a awesome venue, models, stylist, make-up artist, hair styist, and great photographer mentors.  Here is a sneak peak of one of the shots from the shoot.

A Look Back - Tammy - Baby Portraits

When we aren't shooting Weddings or Events, we also love to take portraits!  Here's a set of photos that I took of my friend's niece, Tammy.  She was a cute and adorable to shoot.  Babies can be a challenge to shoot but she was awesome to photograph.  Tammy always smiled and loved the camera!

A Look Back - Mary & Andrew

Over the next couple of post I will share some the past weddings, events, and portrait sessions that we've since we started our photography business.  Let's begin with Mary & Andrew.

I help shoot this wedding a little under a year ago with my friend and fellow photographer, Rowell of PhotosbyRowell.  It was great to work with him to capture this beautiful wedding for Mary and Andrew.  The ceremony and reception took place at the El Cortez in Downtown San Diego to help convey their Classic Hollywood wedding!