Photo Resources

Here are a few good resources for getting some of the technical, fun, and inspiration for your photography.  New links to be added.  Subscribe to the blog so you can get the most updated listings.

CreativeLive (

Inspired by This (
The 99 Percent (

Recommended Photography Blogs
The Sartorialist (
Chase Jarvis Blog (
IShootShows (
BlackStar Rising (
Current Photographer (

DIY (Do It Yourself) Photography - Don't have the cash to purchase
DIYPhotography ( )

The Business [of Photography]
Going Pro 2010 (
American Express - Open Forum (
MOO Ideas (

General Photography Resource & Help
Digitial Photography School ( )
Management, Organization, & Work Life Balance Blog (Harvard Business Review)

Speedliting ( )
Strobist ( )

Business Cards, Books, Albums, ETC - Part of doing the business of photography is branding your photos.  And even if you are not planning to run a business, you should definitely bring your photos from the virtual world and into the real world, making them into prints, cards, and what ever else your creativity can muster up.

MOO ( )
Blurb ( )

Music for Photographers - As photographers we don't like it when people use our photographs without our permission. So why should we do it to other artist like Musicians, who work as hard as we do. Here are a couple of great places to get music (some free and others for pay).  Don't forget to support other artist.

Kevin Macleod - Royalty Free Music

License Agreement (Pay):
Triple Scoop Music ( )
With Etiquette ( )

Recommended Reading - Learning is Power!  Inspiration is Key!  & Relaxation is a Must!  Here's some interesting reads to help you out in your photography to help you learn, get inspired, and take a relaxing break from photography.

Visual Poetry - A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Digital Photographs by Chris Orwing
Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally
Vision Mongers - Making A Life and A Living In Photography by David duChemin
Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders
Fast Track Photographer - Business Plan by Dane Sanders
Start with Why - Simon Sinek
Art & Fear - David Bayless & Ted Orland