Observe, Appreciate, and Imagine

Have the muscle for Curiosity, Appreciation, and Imagination. Watch the following video and see what I mean.

As a photographer and engineer, one of the essential skills to have, in my opinion are the skills of curiosity, appreciation, and imagination.  However none of these skill are taught to you school and even talked about to you.  Read below to see my reason why they are important.

What Nobody Tells Beginners

Never give up!  Keep chugging! And do tons of work but not just work, great work.  Watch the following video:

The Great San Diego Blackout

Our modern world seem to have come to a screeching halt yesterday around 3:30 pm.  At that time, I was at work, I figured that it was just a localized event.  However after tweeting out that my building didn't have power, my other friends from northern to southern San Diego County reported the same.  It soon became apparently that it was a large one!  So what do I do.  I use Twitter to get my information about what would be a unprecedented blackout and took out my iPhone and camera to document the event.

The Great San Diego BLACKOUT 2011!

Here's some quick facts about the blackout:
1.4 Million - San Diego Gas & Electric customers lost electricity.
3 Million + - People affected
3 Major Areas Affected - San Diego, Parts of Orange County, and parts of Baja
12 Hours - # of hours the power was out
2 Hours - # of hours it took me to get home from work, usually 20 min drive.

So here's a couple of photos I took to share what the blackout experience was like for me.

Gridlock in front of my office.  Notice traffic lights not working.

A Balboa Park Photowalk w/ San Diego SmugMug

A few weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to lead another San Diego SmugMug photowalk.  For our second photowalk, I decided that we would take a visit to Balboa Park.  The particular photowalk was inspired by our June speaker, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, who challenged us to get out there and shoot our own Photography Opus.

With that, I figured that Balboa Park would be a great place to start.  Balboa Park is filled with a lot of photographic opportunities that inspire and challenge a photographer.  On this photowalk, I had the pleasure to shoot fellow Smuggies, Greg, Hollie, LaRee, & Jessica.

Here are some photos I captured doing some pre-photowalk scouting and also during the photowalk.  Enjoy!



Oliver Henry Photography - Advice - 5 Ways to Make it in Photography

When I began taking photography seriously as a craft, I kept a few things in my head to help me make it in photography.

Here are 5 ways to make it in photography:

1.  Get out there and shoot!

Snap away!  Take as many pictures as you want.  You've heard it before, with digital, you can take picture after picture after picture and the only thing that is stopping you is the amount of memory and battery power you have in your camera.  What's stopping you.
The best way to learn photography is to physically DO IT!  You have to get on your two feet, lug your camera and gear around, explore the world, and take a ton of pictures.  From doing this you will see what it takes to do photography, what you like and don't like about photography.  Photography is hard work but very fulfilling.