The Importance of Doing Personal Projects

For many of us, getting "work" done is usually our top priority of the day.  These days its easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget to take a breather once in awhile.  Trust me when I say this.  In the past few months, the photography business has taken off.  It seems like every week there is something I have to do related to photography, whether a business meeting, a group meeting, shooting events, editing pictures, etc...its been a constant flux of new projects.  But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love every moment these things happen.

However one thing that helps me keep things in check is to do some personal projects along with these weekly photography engagements.  Doing a personal is important because it's your time to play and experiment with the craft.  And it's YOUR time to just be and get re-energized.  Remember also that personal projects don't have to be done alone.  This year, I'm collaborating with a few of my fellow photography buddies on several projects.  The paid photography may get the bills paid for you but it is these personal projects that help you grow and learn the craft so you can be the best photographer you can be.

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Monkeying Around - Day 1 of 365
Don't forget: Just have some fun!  :)

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