Hello from Oliver Henry Photography

Hi everyone!  I hope all is going well with you these days.  I wanted to check in with you guys and let you know how we've been.  There have a been a lot of things going on with life these days.

The day job has been picking up.  I've gotten more projects to work on and that has been keeping me on my feet.  So your tax dollar are working.  However once in awhile I do get an opportunity to get out in the field.  And when I do get out I always a take a camera with me.  Other than weddings and portraits, I also enjoy photographing freeways.  To me its been a blessing to have both engineering and photography come together in such away that allows me to live out both my passions.

Bridge under construction on State Route 905.

When I'm not busy with the day job, I've been busy with the photography.  The photography has certainly taken off.  It's taken off in a way that I would have never imagine.  It seems to me that just when I have a free week of nothing related to photography another inquiry, workshop, or meeting comes up.  I've been consistently busy with photography since the beginning of the year.  And it not just weddings that I'm shooting.  I've had great opportunities to shoot portraits, products, bike races, and some architectural work.  And from those, other opportunities have presented itself.  It really has been a busy time and a learning experience in photographing, workflow, and management of the business.  This helps explains why the blog hasn't been updated in awhile.
In addition to photographing more, I've also have been busy getting the business all setup.  From getting the appropriate licensees, permits, tax ids, and insurance, it has been a great learning experience.  Now I can say with pride, that I'm a small business owner.  :)

And one of the last things to mention is that there is a few more new things coming from Oliver Henry Photography, like new products, features, links, and photography projects.  A few new post will show up soon on blog in the coming days.  Please stay tune with the updates by  "Liking" our facebook page and follow me on Twitter: @olasis.  And feel free to say hello.  Thanks to all that have supported and given us the opportunities we've been given.  You guys know who you are and I can't THANK you guys enough!  :)

Thanks for checking in with us.  Have a great one!  :)


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