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Hey Guys!  I wanted to give you a update with what's going on with Oliver Henry Photography.  As you've notice there have been a lot of post being put up lately from workshops, trips, and shoots.  I hope you have enjoy seeing the photography.
Photography is a PASSION and LOVE, where the journey is the best part.  On this journey I've learn the ups and downs of running a photography business.  Here's a few things I've learned:

1)  You can't please everyone.

You have to learn that everyone has different needs and wants.  And as a photographer starting out in the business you try your best to meet them in fear that you will lose a potential client.  However soon learn that sometimes that you can't meet those needs.  In the long run it would be better to tell your client that you can't meet their needs.  You also have be stand firm with your prices and products that you offer.  Once in awhile it is okay to "look into" a new product for a client but its better to stick with what you know you can offer from your vendors.  All such things should be discussed over a face to face conversation and written out in a contract so that all expectations are there and can be easily referred to when needed.  And if that still doesn't work, professionally decline the job.  It's better in the long run.

2)  Never stop learning because there's a lot to learn.

Do what you have to do to learn a new skill.  Read magazines, on-line tutorials, shoot with friends, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Reading magazine, tutorials, and other related business, networking, and photography books are some of the best ways to give yourself a break from the images and gain new perspective.  Online tutorials are a great resources and 99% of the time it's free!  I'm pretty sure you can find a tutorial to shoot whatever you wanted to shoot.  But one of the best ways to learn is to shoot with friends.  Shooting with friends is the best because you can hang out and geek out about photography.  And while hanging out you can learn a new tips or trick.  Most importantly though, it keeping shooting and don't be afraid to make mistakes and do experiments.  From these "mistakes" and experiments you learn to grow and better prepare yourself.

3)  Never stop having FUN!

When you follow a passion or something you love remember to have fun.  It easy to get caught up in the technical and business side of things which can turn your passion and love into mush and a burden.  And you don't want that to happen.  Make some time to do a personal project and even take a break once in awhile.  One of the best ways I found to get recharged with photography is to take a weekend vacation to a new place.  What better way to just get away from the everyday and see the world in a new perspective.  This time also allows you to inject the FUN back into the photography when you feel you have "plateaued."

4)  Do your homework.

Homework?!  You can't just go into a photography gig cold.  You have to prepare yourself mentally and sometimes physically for your clients and the event that you are about to shoot.  When you meet with your client it also helps that you know a little about them.  It makes it easier to converse with them and keep the meeting interesting and upbeat.  When you shoot an event it helps to know the plan of the event, " what's going to happen at what time, and where?"
Part of your homework can also be attending a local monthly photographer's meeting.  My meeting of choice is the San Diego SmugMug group.  It's one of the best resources that I as a photographer can meet and network with local and other well establish photographers.  It may seem like a lot to do other than photographing but it helps out in the long run.

5)  Just be Yourself!

It's easy to lose yourself when you get caught up in all things.  It is good to make some time just to put down the camera and not worry about the business and just reflect and look back.  Remember where you started from and where you are now.  You will amaze yourself.  Follow your heart and your passion and most IMPORTANTLY just be yourself.  You capture the scene and make the photograph.  And you give your take on the world as you see it.

There are countless other lessons that I've learned but those are just a few of the big ones that I feel stick out the most.

With those lessons learned and still learning more everyday, new improvements are being made to the way that Oliver Henry Photography does business.  One of the first things that you'll notice is that we are redesigning the blog and website with a new fresh look.  And updating the photos that you see on the website as well.
In a few weeks there will be some new things showing up on the blog.  New Pages will be added to give some help to Brides and Grooms who are planning an upcoming wedding some inspiration and insight.  The page will have links to wedding blogs, wedding venues and vendors, as well as FAQ's about wedding photography.  The hope is that Oliver Henry Photography will help out not only in the photography but in the planning process of the wedding.
Along with a page for Brides and Grooms, there will also be a page for our fellow photographers.  Trust me, we been there and done that.  I remember early on in the business where it was hard to find out information photography other than tutorials on how to shoot but how to learn to create your passion and love for photography into a business or how to gain some experience.  The page will have some links to photography and business blogs, as well as some recommended reading for business, networking, and photography.  The hope here is that this page can be a resource to help my fellow photographers get further insight into the business.

New Product - Print Standouts.
 Another way that we are improving the business is that soon we will offer additional photography products other than just albums and prints.  Soon, we will start offering Canvases, Print Standouts, Wedding Websites, and another host of products.  Stay tuned for more new product news.

It has been great giving you guys an update with Oliver Henry Photography.  I can't thank you guys enough for all of your support and love for the photography.

Having a blast with Katie & Danny while entertaining an audience during their shoot.
Yours Truly,

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