SCPG - Ultimate Shootout 7 - Salton Sea Shoot (Part 2)

Here's the final part from the early December SCPG Ultimate Shootout 7 (US7) out at the Salton Sea.  Seriously it was worth the the 2 hour drive from San Diego.
US7 was a great not just because of it's location but also because of the talented passionate people that I got a chance to work it.  The Glam Squad - Britney, Keith, Veronica, & Mariah did such a great job on the models!  The Models where amazing - Michelle, Jose, Justyn, Niki, Esmi, Aly, Victoria, and others where just a pleasure to work with and photograph.  And lastly the photographers, all of them where great to watch, learn, joke around with, and hang out with.
So check out the following slideshow to see the excitement that comes these shoots.  Enjoy! :)

To view the complete set of pics from the shoot: Click Here
Look under FASHION.

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