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The ability to take, capture, and share photos is what makes photography fun.  One of my favorite ways to do photography is with my iPhone.  The iPhone has introduced a way for many people to share photographs instantly and to a wide audience.

There are many and new ways to accomplish this task however one of my favorite ways is using an iPhone app called Instagram.  Instagram is a free app that you can download and after a simple setup you can start sharing your world.  The app allows you to snap photos, then add a filter to it, and then share via twitter, facebook, flickr, and other social channels.  It could have been easier.

Day 48 of 365 - Instagram

Instagram is gaining popularity and is starting to form meetup groups and communities worldwide.  They just recently planned a Instameet around the world to get users of the app to meet and photograph together.  With the app gaining momentum there is sure to be more to come.  Instagram is gaining more users everyday there are new things popping up to help foster the community.

Just think back to the day where you had to wait to see your pictures let along wait to share them with friends.  Now the opposite is true.  You can now capture and share pictures instantly with your friends and the world.  So please enjoy the following video chronicallying my adventures with my iPhone.  And look after the video for some my Instagram user name and some other iPhone photography resources.

User Name: olasis
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iPhone Photography:

More to be added soon.  Check out my Photographer Resources.

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