A Weekend Engagement - Rachel & Jay - Part 1

Life is an adventure!  It's fun, its sunny, and just plain lovely!  It is those adventures that we embark on that makes life fun.  For Rachel and Jay, I wanted to give them a engagement session that was fun and joyous like the both of them.
The day's adventure starts off with wonderful picnic just outside Santa Ysabel.  The weather was clear, sunny, and warm, a lovely day for a picnic.  Rachel and Jay packed an amazing assortment of cheeses, fruits, and sandwiches for their lunch in the countryside.  It was the perfect picnic, that reminded me of the days that people took the time to simply enjoy the day and the countryside. So enjoy the first part of their Weekend engagement adventure.

 Some of the amazing details from their awesome picnic spread.
 Rachel & Jay pose for their portraits.

Stay tune for Part 2...as Rachel and Jay continue their adventure to Borrego Springs!

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