I took a Vacation to Austin, Texas! - Las Cruses, NM to Austin, TX (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my travel series: I took a Vacation to Austin, Texas!

In part 2, my family and I reached Las Cruses as the half way point on our roadtrip to Austin, TX.

After spending a night in Las Cruses, New Mexico.  My family and I got up at 5am to get an early start on the next part of our journey.  Las Cruses is not that far from the border with Texas, therefore before you knew it we where in Texas.

Welcome to Texas.  Trust me that's what it says :)

The first big city we came across when we traveled into Texas was El Paso.  In El Paso we stop for breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places, Denny's.  We wanted to get some food in our system because we knew that we had a long drive ahead of us.

Fueling up the car and stomach.

Country fried steak and eggs!

Good all day.

After finishing up breakfast we where off to Austin.  While driving towards our destination, it became apparent fast that Texas was a big state.  For one thing the next big city was more than 300 miles away from El Paso, the sky was as vast as the land ahead of us, and the speed limits reached 80mph!

Open Road and Clear skies.

Surprisingly Texas was not what I expected it to be; I was picturing Texas to be flat and desert like, however it actually is mountainous and hilly in the western and central portions and lush with vegetation.  The landscape varied as we traveled across the state.

Cutting through.

Roadside trees and clouds.

Wind Farm

Newly Paved.

Several of the pitstops that we had along the way where out in the middle of no-where.  It was place that only had a stop sign and a gas station.  And the thing that stuck me the most was how quiet it was.  Occasionally the sound of passing car or truck would interrupt the eerie yet peaceful silence.



Another thing that stuck me when I was traveling through Texas was the humidity.  I've been told about the legendary Texas humidity but it didn't hit me until I felt it.  Oh man, was it a shock to the system.  When I stepped out of the car in Ozona, Texas, it hit me like I step in a sauna with all my cloths on.  Personally, I'm not a big fan of humidity.  I just don't like how it makes you feel sticky and not fresh.  So during most of our drive, we kept the AC on in the car to help keep cool.

Ozona, TX

After driving about 8 to 10 hours the signs of our destination where starting to show.  Signs leading to Austin where revealing themselves as the city became relevant as we traveled along Interstate 10.  The first big indication that we where getting closer to was Austin was Frederickersburg.  Frederickersburg was the shortcut to get to Austin without heading into San Antonio and then head north.


Getting off the interstate gave us a chance to see the Texas countryside first hand.  Around these parts, Texas was hilly with dotted with homes, ranches, and farms.  Many of the towns along the route had the All American Mainstreet with mom and pop shops, that we in California try hard to mimic however here it work and fit in with the overall character of the town / city we where passing through.

US 290 countryside

Texas style Traffic Lights

And finally there it was, Austin.  A sign that finally said, Austin and the excitement has reached its peaked.  After traveling more than 1100 miles at this point our destination was within reached.

Austin this way.  <-

When we arrived in Austin.  Austin greeted us with what ever big city greets its guest with; TRAFFIC.  Unfortunately we arrived in Austin during its afternoon rush hour as people where heading home from work.  So getting through the city to my sister's new place took awhile and required some sitting and maneuvering through the Texas highway and street system.  However this gave me some time to just look at the window and see what Texas had to offer.

Time to explore.

You're here.

The following set of the pictures where some the sites that I visited while I was in Texas.  I tried to make this a vacation as much as possible but the order of business for this trip was to help my sister move into her new home.  So there where visits to furniture stores, convenient stores, etc.  But there where also some site seeing such as - Downtown Riverfront, the State Capitol building, the University of Texas.

Furniture shopping.


Howdy from Austin, TX!

Congress Ave.

Texas State Capitol

Austin, TX

University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas Mall

I'll be back.

After a day or so of seeing Texas, I had to say, "I'll be back."  Unfortunately, I had to head back to California for a photography gig.  So after only seeing Austin for a day, I head back home.

The journey home begins.

Lake Travis and the big Texas Sky

Airport architecture


Finally made it home in San Diego, California.  More adventures to come.  Stay Tuned!  Thanks for reading and following.  :)

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