Follow Your Heart - Shoot what you want and Never Give UP

About a couple of weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to hear one of the photographers that I admire and follow via podcast and twitter, Rick Sammon.  Rick spoke at San Diego's Grossmont College.  He was a special guest brought by the college, Canon, George's Camera, and others.  It was a special treat to hear him talk about he's experiences in photography; His stories of how he created the shot, how photography has allowed him to see the world, and how photography has become part of he's life.

Day 26 of 365 - Field Inventory
Life is a scenic route and lifelong adventure.  Be a student for Life.

Rick's talk was great also in the aspect that he told us, we are STUDENTS FOR LIFE and we should NEVER GIVE UP.  Never give up because when you don't give up other opportunities will rise.  Rick told us how he had an idea for a series of 3D children books. Originally he pitched it to National Geographic but they didn't take the opportunity.  However Rick didn't give up after being declined and pitched he's idea to another company.  And months later he was traveling for that company to photograph and make he's idea reality.
The point of that story is that you should never give up.  If you truthfully believe in your idea you should continue to pursue it.  And remember that rejection is part of the story of how your idea became reality.
Personally this holds truth.  I can tell you that, I never gave up.  This blog, the pictures I share, and the photography business, are all my ideas that have become reality because I never gave up.  Certainly along the way, there was been many set backs, distractions, and uncertainties that have plague me in my journey, to where I am currently.  Some of my uncertainties that I and maybe even yourself, struggled with :

"Am I good enough?"
"What will people think?"
"Will people, friends, or family support me?"
"Can I even do it?"
"What, how, when...?"

You get the picture (no pun intended).  It is with these uncertainties that I questioned many times if I even should pursue photography more seriously.  I knew though, that if I let these thoughts reign over me, I would be left with more questions, "what if..., what did I miss," etc than answers. So don't give up and work hard to get what you want.
What are some of the uncertainties and struggles you face or ask yourself?  Leave a comment and we together can get through it together.  Remember we all where in your shoes before so don't be shy to ask for help.  :)

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