Sharing your Photography - Empowering Youth at HOBY!!!

As a photographer you have a great opportunity to share your craft with others.  One of the best ways is to give back to organizations that you support and believe in.  I recently had such an opportunity.

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Last month, I got asked to photograph the Hugh O'Brian Youth Seminar California Central Chapter.  It was 3 days that will forever change the way I see our youth and changed my life.  For three days, I was surrounded by an amazing group of people that fostered and inspired what leadership is all about.
  • It's about taking ACTION.
  • It's about taking our differences and finding a way to come TOGETHER.
  • It's about acknowledging that YOU can make a difference.
  • It's about being OUTSTANDING.
The students and their supporters ( the OUTSTANDING staff ) fostered the idea that by taking action you can accomplish what ever it is you want and know that there are others out there to support you in your cause.  Self discovery, breaking out of your shell, knowing that you are not alone, and that all you have to do is ask for help where some of the themes of the weekend.
It was amazing to see the students and staff become close only after the first day.  Here at HOBY, everyone was encourage to be themselves.  No one was singled out for being "different" but rather it was celebrated.

At this point you might be wondering what photography has to do with this seminar?  The thing that photography brought to this seminar was that it help remind the students and the staff about what they did this weekend.  One power of photography is that it can transport you back to that special time even after it has long passed.  My goal was simple, document the event with pictures and video. So watch the following video to see what those 3 days were like:

The best part of photography is sharing photography.  And now with the ability to capture video and still and merge the two medians together is furthering our visual expression.
Photographing for HOBY surely inspired me to take action.  I am happy to have had such an opportunity to photograph for them and help remember the special weekend where OUTSTANDING and Awkward Turtle reminded us that we are all in this together.
I LOVE HOBY, especially those that strive to be the best that they can be.  Stay OUTSTANDING!

Oliver  :)

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