I took a Vacation to Austin, Texas! - San Diego to Tucson (Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I took a roadtrip / vacation to Austin, TX.  It's took 2 days, 1300 miles, hours of music, and 100s of iPhone photos (taken while driving).  We where heading to Austin, Texas because my sister was moving there to start a new job.   The trip took my family and myself through the American Southwest.

San Diego, CA to Tuson, AZ

Starting in San Diego, we followed Interstate 8 to Arizona.  Driving along the San Diego portion my family and I have done it many times in the 15+ years that we have lived in San Diego.  It's our way we head out to our local mountain, search for snow, or just head out for a fun evening at a local Indian casino.

Wind Turbines in East County San Diego.

One of my favorite parts of the drive is when Interstate 8 is heading into Imperial County.   It is in this mountain pass that interstate makes several jumps between San Diego and Imperial County, one second your in San Diego, the next your in Imperial, and back to San Diego.  By the time you have traveled this section you have jump about 4 times between the two counties.  I might also add that the scenery in this part of the county is amazing!

Heading down to Imperial County.

296 to Tucson!

Another one of my favorite places along the route is in the Imperial County Sand Dunes!  Here you feel magically transported away to a far away place.  It's amazing to see such a sight with you own eyes.  If you have the opportunity to visit it take it all in and enjoy it.  It's a place not to be missed.

The Imperial Sand Dunes.

The next leg of the trip brought us to Arizona.  Passing through Yuma, Date Farms, and the vast open western landscape.

Welcome to Arizona!

Date Tree.

Date Shakes!

To Tucson we go!



We finally arrived at Tuscon around 12 o'clock and took our first break from driving.  After a good quick fast food lunch and some gas for the cars, we started off for Las Cruses, New Mexico.

Stay tuned for the next part of the trip.

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LaRee Brownell said...

I like the retro look of these photos Oli. I feel like hitting the open road now. :-)