Oliver Henry Photography - Advice - 5 Ways to Make it in Photography

When I began taking photography seriously as a craft, I kept a few things in my head to help me make it in photography.

Here are 5 ways to make it in photography:

1.  Get out there and shoot!

Snap away!  Take as many pictures as you want.  You've heard it before, with digital, you can take picture after picture after picture and the only thing that is stopping you is the amount of memory and battery power you have in your camera.  What's stopping you.
The best way to learn photography is to physically DO IT!  You have to get on your two feet, lug your camera and gear around, explore the world, and take a ton of pictures.  From doing this you will see what it takes to do photography, what you like and don't like about photography.  Photography is hard work but very fulfilling.


2.  Learn and Read!

There is more to photography than just taking a picture.  To fully grasp what photography is about, you have seek and learn about it.  The best way that I have found to do this is to read about it.  Blogs, magazines,  ebooks, books, Twitter, Facebook, etc...there are countless resources out there where you can learn and read.  Make time to read.
I suggest, to find books that don't even have anything to do with photography.  Books that talk about vision, passion, business, traveling are surprisingly good sources of inspiration for photography.  Exploring other avenues will keep you stimulated and inspired.  The best photographers that I know don't just DO photography they Explore and Embrace where photography will take them.

Inspiration - Day 253 of 365 

3.  Get to know your community of Photographers!

Photography is not a single person pursuit.  It is a vibrant community of people from all walks of life and perspectives.  Search Facebook, Twitter, and countless other social media sites to find a community of photographers, trust me they are out there.  Check them out and find the one that you jive with most.  My photography community that I've love, is the San Diego SmugMug.  I've been going to the meetings since it start more than 2 years ago.  I have yet to miss one meeting.  :)

San Diego SmugMug Meeting! 

4.  Make Goals and Make a Plan to achieve them!

Now that you have decide to take a deep pursuit into the art and craft of photography.  Sit down and write down where you want to take it.  What are your goals with photography?  These goals don't have to be larger than life (although they could), they can be as simple as I want to learn how to use my flash.  The idea of writing down your goals is that you enforce the idea to help you continue the pursuit.  It also serves as a good reminder of what you want to do when you get lost.
And once that you have your goals written down.  Take a bit more time to write down how you will achieve these goals.  Keep in mind that there is not just one path to achieve your goal but having plan written down will help you visually see what you have to do to get to it.
I can tell you that by doing these two steps alone can help you get to your goals quicker than you thought.

Ideas - Day 300 of 365

5.  Have Fun!

And here's the last bit of information.  Have Fun.  It is as simple as that.  Even if you decide to turn your passionate hobby into a business for profit you have to have fun.  Otherwise you will lose the passion and burn out.


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