The Great San Diego Blackout

Our modern world seem to have come to a screeching halt yesterday around 3:30 pm.  At that time, I was at work, I figured that it was just a localized event.  However after tweeting out that my building didn't have power, my other friends from northern to southern San Diego County reported the same.  It soon became apparently that it was a large one!  So what do I do.  I use Twitter to get my information about what would be a unprecedented blackout and took out my iPhone and camera to document the event.

The Great San Diego BLACKOUT 2011!

Here's some quick facts about the blackout:
1.4 Million - San Diego Gas & Electric customers lost electricity.
3 Million + - People affected
3 Major Areas Affected - San Diego, Parts of Orange County, and parts of Baja
12 Hours - # of hours the power was out
2 Hours - # of hours it took me to get home from work, usually 20 min drive.

So here's a couple of photos I took to share what the blackout experience was like for me.

Gridlock in front of my office.  Notice traffic lights not working.


Traffic conditions during the Blackout!!!  Sheer gridlock!

Despite the issues of getting home from work.  I decided that this was a historic event and maybe even a once in a lifetime event, so I decided to make the best of it.  So I caught up one some reading and enjoy the outdoors and got to chat with my neighbors.

Reading outside during the Blackout.

And with the lights out in the city.  I took the opportunity to get some star shots that you couldn't get normally in the city.  No lights equals no Light Pollution!  Which means that there isn't a orange glow in the photos with the stars.  The only bad thing about last night was that the moon was nearly full so it wasn't completely dark for the stars.  But again, this was another opportunity for photography for me.
The moon light provided enough light to make the evening look like it was day.  The photos look like I used a filter except for the fact that you see light streams, stars, and candle light.  







The photos that I just shared, show that you can take any opportunity and make it into a photographic journey.  And that's why it is important to have your camera with you where ever you go.

Thanks for looking and happy shooting!  :)

To view the complete set of pictures from the Evening: The Great San Diego Blackout


Jessica Van Pelt said...

These are awesome Oliver! Wish I had taken more, but the battery in my camera was dead!!! I was so upset that I didn't get a chance to charge it before the blackout! :)

LaRee Brownell said...

Very good images to document the historic happening!