Observe, Appreciate, and Imagine

Have the muscle for Curiosity, Appreciation, and Imagination. Watch the following video and see what I mean.

As a photographer and engineer, one of the essential skills to have, in my opinion are the skills of curiosity, appreciation, and imagination.  However none of these skill are taught to you school and even talked about to you.  Read below to see my reason why they are important.

"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  But only through the parts that the whole gets to live it."


Why? What? How? To me, when you ask yourself these questions and then seek out the solutions you are being curious.  Growing up and even to this day, I always ask questions of why, what, and how.  For me I just want to know.  I enjoy it when I do find out the answer but I also indulge and enjoy the journey of finding out the answer.  Sometimes in the act of searching for the answer, more questions arise, that either a) makes the journey more interesting, b) makes you wish you didn't decide to look for the answer, or c) leads you to discover something new.  I can bet, most of us started doing photography because we were curious, curious if we could capture the image we had in our head or even as a challenge that we can capture a better image than what we see.  Curiosity is the first step in discovering YOU.  Ask the questions, take the journey, search, and explore.


To appreciate what does that even mean?  Is that even a skill? And why is that important?  Appreciation to me, is a skill where you learn to give a person, place, or thing value.  Giving things value is something that is personal and unique to an individual or a group of people.  What you might appreciate, someone else might not appreciate, but when faced with that difference you are more than willing to step out of your comfort zone and define and defend why you appreciate it.  When you appreciate something, I think it comes from the fact that you know what it took to make it.  You yourself have faced the same challenges and now understand the process and value that made item even more so than if you didn't know what went into it.  Appreciation is what I think, makes people decide to pay X amount of dollars for a "insert anything here."

Pink Beauty

Of all of the skills, I think that Imagination is the most important skill have.  I don't think you can be taught to imagine because I think we all have it in us already.  Imagination is a skill that we all have from birth but it is up to us to decide to use it.  And to think about it, there are only a few times where you can just imagine.  In school, I use to do a lot of day dreaming and I was always told to get my head out of the clouds however it was during those times in art class where I was allowed to just dream and imagine that I enjoyed the most and felt free.  I enjoy those times, so I made it part of my day.  Every night while growing up and even today, I still set aside some time to just imagine.  I still have my sketches from way back when and today I have my pictures, sketches, and even thoughts to share.
Even though, Imagination is always with us, it is one of those skills that a lot of people seem to lose over time because its just not reality and we are always told to stop dreaming and face life.  So over time we lose it.  And this is a mistake because the best ideas and solutions comes from our imagination. When we imagine, it give us a hope and a glimpse into what it possible.  It also can and is a motivating factor to kick start an idea.  So I say, take some time, 5 minutes, everyday to just imagine and see what happens.  The results might surprise you.

Petco Park Mini-World

So take it upon yourself to be curious, imagine, and appreciate the world around you.  You will find and realize that there is more than meets the eye.  All you have to do is use your senses and allow yourself to take it all in.

Let me know what you think?  Are there other things that I should consider?  Do you agree with me, why or why not?  Leave me a comment and so we can discuss further. Thanks for reading!  :)

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